Hickman County Chamber of Commerce, Centerville, Tennessee
Hickman County Chamber of Commerce, Centerville, Tennessee 

Hickman County Demographics


Hickman County, Tennessee is the 11th largest county in Tennessee, with 612.5 square miles. In 2013, the population was 24,267.


Population Quick Facts:

Persons under the age of 18 make up 21.8% of the population

Persons 65 years and older make up 15.5% of the population

Female persons, 47.4 % of the population

White alone 92.9% of the population

Black, African American 4.9% of the population

Others 2.2% of the population


Business and Industry:

Industries providing employment are the Educational, Health and Social Services at 18.4%, Manufacturing at 17.3%, Construction at 12.4% and retail trade at 10.4%.


Types of Workers:

Private wage and salary 73%

Government 15%

Self-employed, not incorporated 12%



High school graduate or higher 76.5%

Bachelor’s degree or higher 11.5%

Language other than English spoke at home 2.0%


Other Facts:

Homeownership rate 81.1%

Median value of owner occupied housing units $99,800

Median Household Income $42,800

Persons below poverty level  16.3%


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